Passion for life - Bali
Passion for life
Universal connection - West Norway
Instant magical creation - Wales
Joy and Beauty Instant Magical Creation
Abundance - Nevada US
Red rock Nevada
Breaking boundaries - North West Ireland
2016 - Area of Donegal
Fulfilling life - Lake Como/Italy
2016 Lake Como
Show up to life - West France
2015 - Bretagne & Normandie
Be the life, Be the change - Scotland
Fairy Pool- Scotland 2015
US west coast 2014
Montseratt 2013



Costa Rica

My mission is to Ignite your Pure Heart!

My vision is for a new way of life, one where we hear our own voice, understand what we want and trust our intuition to allow passion for life to be a daily experience. This means our limiting minds will take a backseat in life, working as an assistant to our beautiful infinite heart and light.


I travel the world to places that call out to me through a Pure Heart energy. It is beautiful adventures with different essences to unlock. I've been on this quest designed to ignite our Pure Heart for a New way of life since 2011. A life where we act, react and think from our free heart instead of our limiting and controlling minds.


Going on these adventures I’m like a key holder that get access to open these strong energies. I work with the energy in place and then bring it with me to ignite Pure Hearts for anyone willing and brave to try.


So far, I've been to west US, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Italy, Wales, west Norway and Bali with this specific quest.


You can read more about the essence of the energies by clicking on each place.


If you like to go deeper with the energy, please have a look at my shop where you have some packages, webinars, meditations, e-books and more to get going.


My work is far from done and I’ll keep on travelling and explore energies around the world and within.

Welcome to join me to adventures around the world and within!

Pure Heart Love,



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