16-weeks online Energy Coaching



  • If you would like to feel confident in your work, your talent and self, through the highs and lows of being and artist, entrepreneur, and creative.

  • If you would like to have more time to do the things that inspires and lifts you, your day and talent. Creating a peaceful and productive balance between work and play.

  • If you would like to feel more assertive in your choices and creativity.

  • If you would like to feel safe trusting your intuition.

  • If you would like to stop procrastinating and start acting from a Lust-to instead of a Must-do.

  • If you are longing to feel more peaceful, light and self-assured.

  • If you would like to bring more effortless joy into your day.

  • If you are ready to do the work?

what we will do


We will have weekly contact and I will be

by your side as you take your steps.

As an Energy Coach I use my tools to communicate with your heart as well as your mind to open your own interaction.


We will be working with your present, going forward, through Zoom coach-calls, energy ignitions, chats and assignments. 

Sometimes all we need is someone to support, witness and believe in us, other days we need concrete guidance and tools. When we meet up, I let you and your heart tell me what day it's for you and how to best be of service. 

If you already know this is your next step, please proceed to checkout:

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16 weeks Activate and Ignite
Online Coach Program


1 565€ paid in full or

415€ divided into four payments


It takes a bit of courage and will to open yourself to your beautiful, true wise self. It means  surface your shadows, accept your light and let go of old beliefs so that you can trust and act from a true self.

A bit of assistance on the way can be helpful. I'm here to guide and interpret what your heart communicates, share my tools, experience and energy to clear and strengthen you to lift your inner  communication in your day. life and work.


It is however You that will take the steps and make the choice to use your channel and tools when it's crunch time. I'll be by your side guiding you through.

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You can also check out my free Master Class series where I go through a few steps that we later dig deeper into in this program. 

I find Maria to be a great coach. The kind of coach that you respect and want to show up for. Probably due to the respect she offers you. Either by listening, adding to conversation,

or by giving wisdom nuggets that make me pause and think good and hard on./Kent