BALI 2019


I’m so excited to finally arrange this journey to Bali that’s been knocking on my energy for about two years.

As always I get the destination a bit in advance. Then when the energy is ready to move I start to get more information about it, piece by piece.

The theme of this adventure is PASSION – FOR LIFE and what better place to connect to that energy than BALI!

I will travel end of August and the energetic focused work and connection goes on between 30 of August – 5 of September.


The information I got so far is that we will ignite the flame of passion for life.

We’ll collect a missing piece of ourselves to open a channel of pure inner joy.

The light of passion is already within us all and what we have to do is ignite it!

The energy is about Joy and Beauty and staying open to this colourful world.  

To open our eyes to life’s magic, that is all around us but we have become so custom to it that we stopped appreciating and noticing. Thereby stopped its flow in our life.


This adventure is also about lifting and  opening our heart and mind to this deeper inner joy. Joy of living, appreciation of life, of this planet, of our body of our surroundings.

It is about acknowledging our inner Light and Love, so it may move through us easily, without friction.


To get ready and sink into the relaxed and beautiful energy of Bali I’ll be doing Yoga and explore the neighbourhood during the first week. Maybe take a surf lesson or two...

Then on the 30/8  the energetic work begins full on but there will still be time to explore the island.

​A truly exciting adventure!

Love Always,


I am so excited and happy to help ignite this energy! Maria