France - 2015


A theme that can be translated into many parts of life.

Are you meeting the vibration that is available to you in all areas, or are you living on autopilot? 

We may make our wish lists, pray or ask our guides or who we speak to for help and if we when the answers and guidelines arrive, don’t go ahead and act then what’s the point.

I know it isn’t always easy and we may have a million excuses to why we should not follow what our inner guide is telling us and instead keep on going with our mind and what feels comfortable and familiar. A bit of energetic help and heart ignition in this area I felt was more than welcome.

On this Energy Adventure I connected to a  energy from the area of Bretagne and Normandie in France. The area of Bretagne is steeped in the legend of Merlin and King Arthur and in Normandie I went to Mont St Michel wher Arch Angel Michael's pressence helps us on the way.


The energies I aligned with and work with to help us Show-up to life;

- Connecting us to a balance between pure male and female energy, by lifting and opening the

   male energy.

- Infuse us with energy of youth and joy.

- Helps remove mental obstacles.

- Works to clear our third eye chakra for a clean view and removes false images of life and


- Connects us with an angelic communication and support of Arch Angel Michael.

If you like to read more about this beautiful adventure and connect with the energy from it, please read more at:

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