Wake up - Shake up - Show up

Welcome to four-month Pure Heart Energy Coaching!

Are you longing for clarity and to feel passionate about life and your choices? Have you felt a stirring in your soul that you like to explore? Are you ready to do the work and listen to yourself?

During these months we will have weekly contact and I will be by your side as you take the steps, make your choices, calm your mind to trust and follow your hearts guidance.

As an Energy Coach I use my tools to communicate with your Heart and open your own interaction. Our heart energy is timeless and ever expanding which means we are working with your present, going forward.

It does take a bit of courage and will to open ourselves to our beautiful and wise inner light and act from it. A bit of assistance on the way can be helpful. I'm here to guide and interpret what your heart says. To use my tools to strengthen your inner hearing and lift your energy along the way but it is You that will do the work, take the steps and make the choice to use your channel and tools when it's crunch time.

My experience is that even if at times owning all of our choices and inner strength, may feel scary, uncomfortable, or confusing for our mind, it is worth it.

When we are in contact with our heart and accept its guidance, we get a crisp and loving clarity. We awake a lust to life that is beautiful and strong and a powerful energy to work with. When we take hold of our own co-creative power a peace is born from within that allows Joy and Love to take a more prominent hold of our day.

If you like to hear more about about this, please send me an email to maria@mariarinne.com or click on "I'm Interested" below to book a free 20-minute Zoom call to discover if this for you.

Sometimes all we need is someone to support, witness and believe in us, other days we need concrete guidance and tools. When we meet up, I let you and your heart tell me what day it's for you and how to best be of service. 

If you already know this is your next step, please scroll down to the flower  and click on the box.

I look forward being your hearts translator and ignitor!

4 months Activation and Ignition 

  • Part 1

    We awaken you to your peaceful mind and active heart.

    To become clear of your Wants and how to use your own tool box to reach them.

  • Part 2

    We shake up your day with the power of Trust and Acceptance of your expanding consciousness and co-creative abilities. 

  • Part 3

    Time to Show up to life and

    experiencing the perks of being the leader of your life. 

  • Part 4

    This last month we will tap into your energy of Joy and Gratitude. To create more good bits and lift your own tools for your continued life journey.  


1 250€ paid in full or

325€ divided in four payments

I Love

I love to help bring out your strenght and light, for you to stand tall with and in your life. 

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