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My mission is to IGNITE YOUR HEART!

My vision is for a new way of life. A life where creations are born through trust and connection to the Universal flow and our Heart, aligned with a vibration of joy, love and beauty. Or as I like to call it - PURE LIFE PASSION!

Together with energy I’ve connected with on adventures around the world and energy I tune into, we work with your Heart and Life.

I’ll help you sort out a clearer path by igniting your Heart. To hear it, see it and feel it!

Then there is less confusion when choices and situations show up and you can start to follow a divine flow through a pure life passion.

It's time!

I like to keep things light, for deeper possibilities and my number one spiritual compass is Joy. It tells us when we are aligned or not with our Heart. 

It’s not about laughs and jokes, its much deeper than that.

My tools and guiding lights are energy readings, dynamic transformational igniting meditations, storytelling together with my experience and the guides I work and connect with. The highly transformational energies help speed up the pace to clear your path and mind in an organic way.

Are you ready to ignite your Heart, bring passion, balance and your pure light into the world for a New way of life!

Check out my SHOP with fun ways to ignite and light up your path or contact me for more information.

Language -  Swedish and English. 

I look forward to Ignite your Heart!

Keeping it light, for deeper possibilities,

Maria Rinné

Are you already in transition!

Transition Coach

I'm here to help you get in touch with your Pure Heart. To light up your way, balance the ride and make sense of a New way of life that is here, if we let it. It’s time to take the steps, to let your light shine and be your strong beautiful energy all the way!

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