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My mission is to IGNITE YOUR HEART!

My vision is for a new way of life. A life where our choices and actions are born in the Universal flow and our abundant Heart. A life where we instinctively know our way and make loving, grounded choices guided by the empowering infinite intelligence existing in our hearts.

I’ll help you sort out a clearer path by igniting your Hearts energy. To hear it, see it, feel it and trust it!

When we hear and trust our heart, our inner guide, we experience less confusion, mistrust and regret. We  can then follow a divine flow that always has our highest interest in sight. Life becomes about acting from Lust instead of Must. It's time!

​When I go to work I am a Life-hacker.
I tune in to your energy, where you are in life right now, to read, update, clear, sometimes reboot and reprogram your system. I give you the opportunity to connect your mind to your free, limitless heart. A bit like starting your hidden engines. Then the choice is yours wether to use the upgraded version or not. 

I like to keep things light, for deeper possibilities. My number one spiritual and guiding compass is Joy. It tells us when we are aligned with our Heart or not. It’s not about laughs and jokes, its much deeper than that.

My main tool is the Pure Heart energy I access, whether it's in a person, place or Universal energy. Once I'm plugged in I communicate with  the energy in place to open, connect and ignite.

My own journey going through these transformations, helps me translate and see the transition you are in.


Connecting to our Pure Heart energy is a beautiful way to clear our path and mind in a relaxed organic way.

Are you ready to hear your voice and see your steps as they unfold with joy and love?

Then contact me for more information.

Language -  Swedish and English. 

Location - Online

I look forward to meet your energy and Ignite your Heart!

Keeping it light, for deeper possibilities,

Maria Rinné

I'm here to help you get in touch with your Pure Heart. To light up your way, balance the ride and make sense of a New way of life that is here, if we let it. It’s time to take the steps, to let your light shine and be your strong beautiful energy all the way!

Transition Coach
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