This is for those of you who have already started your Activation and Ignition with me and want to refresh and top up as life expands. As always, I will use my energetic keys, tools and experience when coaching. 

It's a three-part event where I first tune into your energy to hear what it is communicating. This channelled information is sent to you in an Mp3. Then we meet up on Zoom for an hour coaching. A few weeks after we meet up again  for a 20-minute Zoom call to check-in how it's going and attend to questions that may have surfaced. 

Sometimes all we need is someone to support, witness and believe in us, other days we need concrete guidance and tools. When we meet up, I let you and your heart tell me what day it's for you and how to best be of service.

To book this service, please scroll down to the flower and click the box. 

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I love to put a smile on your face and courage in your mind