Ireland west coast January 2013 

January 2013, I sat out on an energy adventure to Irelands west coast. It wasn’t my first journey like this but it was my first where I got a concrete pull that I had to go before a portal was about to close. I had been given an assignment from my guides that I accepted.

It’s on this journey that my energetic exploration cycle starts of the female essence in the world. It has taking me to some beautiful places entailing some amazing energy for us to add into our lives, transform our energy and open for a new way of life.

So even if January might not be the first choice of the year to go, off I went.

I had been to Ireland (Kildare and Dublin) and never on the west coast.

I love it!

It’s such a diverse nature and the energy is amazing, as you can tell by the people living here. Open, friendly and totally grounded.

The energy that I worked with during this adventure that ended in Slievenamon (inland) is one where St Brigit essence is a main player. It’s a female energy that was opened and anchored.

The first step was to make sense out of chaos. To release old patterns and make room for the new wave that was on its way since the portal 12/12 2012.  

Help reactivate, recharge and restore female energy on earth. To generate the balance, we need for further creation in life.

Energy themes that was giving to me to worke with, that I use in my coaching and meditations are – a creative earth energy, female energy, clearing of blockages, developing the conscious mind/growth, reducing chaos and releasing anger in our daily life.

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