The quieter you become, the more you can hear! Ram Dass​

When we silence our mind, we get in touch with our own voice.

When we hear our voice, we start to know what we want and what choices to make.

Life becomes easier, more peaceful and in alignment with our true self and path in life.


I travel the world, working with pure heart energy.  

It’s always beautiful journeys with life transforming energies that I connect to and become friends with so that I can share it in my work to ignite your Pure Heart.

I’ve been working and connecting with a pure heart energy since 2011 and my vision is to help others connect, ignite and transit to a new way of life. 

In my channelled guided meditations we’ll go on inner journeys visiting different energies. I’ll connect and translate the energy into words for you to follow. The main work however, is done by the energy we tune into.

It harmonizes with your energy to ignite and transform what’s in your highest interest at the platform you are right now.

Leaving our limiting minds well out of it.


Beginner, read more about my meditation here,

My guided channelled meditations work with you on an energetic level, clearing and balancing your way in life. We align with your inner light and wisdome by igniting your Pure Heart.

We shut down our brain with relaxation and let the energy do its work without interferents from our limiting mind.

The energy coming through is strong and may put you to sleep. The changes that follows are often non-dramatic. They show up in life in a solid and organic way.

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