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What's up week 20

Start this week of by remembering that you are never alone, we all have light energies in different forms surrounding and helping us. Our task is to quite our mind enough to hear/see it.

For some extra assistance, ask for it, at any time and your way will be lit up, again be prepared to hear/see the answers, they might not always be what you thought.

Also remember to shine your light so that others can follow in your footsteps.

Monday is a productive day. It’s a practical one day window for taking care of business.

The general focus will then light up on Friday when the planets highlights siblings, sales and social media.

On Saturday we have a full moon giving us a good time for completion.

Then on Sunday mercury starts to go forward again and will be fully out of its backwards tour on May 31.

From Sunday communication, social media, electronics and travels will start to move easier.

It’s a good week to take short breaks from society and ponder the mysteries of life and reconnect with your source.

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