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After the last Magical Mystery Tour to Lake Como it’s like a well of insights and deep understanding has opened up wide and strong within and started to come out in a higher speed than before.

I love when things you might have heard a million times, suddenly makes so much sense on a deeper level and becomes crystal-clear from the inside and out.

Today I had one of those moments and felt the urge to tell whoever is up for it. My view is that we are put here not to struggle but learn, not to feel small but to grow and shine as much as we can.

We all have those days though when nothing seems to go right, when the mood and energy is at rock bottom and other days the opposite. Sometimes there are solid reasons for this and sometimes not.

You just wake up in a mood, good or bad and can’t explain where it comes from.

My insight for today is in the creational work we do with our lives and that it has everything to do with my thoughts and mood. The mood is my bodies way of communicating with me (if it’s a normal situation and nothing out of the ordinary has happened, then there might be other reasons that should be taken into consideration). I’ve known this for such a long time and use it when I travel but somehow forgot to use it in my daily life.

Today it hit me that I know when my mind goes to small, when I belittle myself in my thoughts while setting an intention or plan. In other words when my brain take over my flow.

How – you might wonder. Well if I’m planning something and I don’t get that inner sense of joy and excitement about it, but more a sense of must and should. Then I’m lowering my expectations and thoughts of my abilities and what to expect, subconsciously. My brain has told me that I’m being realistic and it’s the way it should be. We are (or I am) in some areas afraid of dreaming to big when it comes to myself (usually not when it involves children or friends then the thoughts are bigger).

Seeing that I’m a true believer of following joy as a compass in life I now need to tell that also to my “realistic” thoughts. What I need to do is trust that I’m not going to go crazy overboard in terms of plans and dreams but I shouldn’t either constrict myself to my brain that keeps me small. I know that my body and energy is so much more intelligent than my brain and need to trust it’s signals. So if I’m planning or working with something and I don’t feel the joy or excitement – then I’m thinking to small, to short or to restricted and my energy is telling me this by getting me and my mood down. If I on the other hand plan or work with something and feel crazy good from the inside and out (no matter if I don’t know how this will ever be within my reach) then I’m on the right path of creation. I open up for a flow and for magic to take place. I also tell myself subconsciously that it’s possible so my brain will start searching and be open for solutions in a bigger way. With that flow and joy I’m following my path instead of putting imaginary obstacles in front of my steps.

So todays insight – Free your mind – and the rest will follow. Scary Yes – Exciting Yes – Going to try it Absolutely!

The mediations from Lake Como will soon be available here at Pure Heart.

Keeping it light for bigger dreams!

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