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What's up week 24

It is time for a change in perspective!

Seeing your challenges in an entirely different way can help you find a lease on life or end a stagnant situation. Ask for help from you light and energy and you will see a new perspective. Also understand how great you are! Unusual or not the incredible strength and potential that lies in being your unique self will be reminded within you this week.

Today (Monday) Neptune goes retrograde until mid-November, bringing benefits to those who work in healing professions as well as to artists who want to review their creations and conjure up a nice long visit from their personal muse.

On Tuesday we get into a busier time socially. Remember to keep yourself balanced this week for strength.

Friday we move into a family oriented time. It’s a good time to break out of your protective shell and find new ways to nurture yourself while continuing to care for others. Give so that others can gain.

On Friday the planets also shifts and reality meets illusions that could produce disappointments internally. Know that there is hidden action behind a standstill and be easy on yourself!

Balancing meditation for this weeK;

Breathing out – imagen that you release any shackles keeping you from being the best version of yourself. See how they snap and break away from you.

Breathing in - imagen that you breath in a strong, beautiful balanced light – here to help you feel strong and balanced in your true energy, even if it’s unfamiliar at first.

Keep it light until next week!

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