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What's up week 26

This week we are moving into energies that are pushing us towards making decisions, within small or major subjects.

For this you need a clear balanced mind. Luckily Mars (the action and courage planet) is leaving its retrograde status on Wednesday 29/6 bringing our and the collective energy back on track.

On Wednesday Mercury (the planet of communication) also moves and steps into Cancer bringing coming weeks to a more emotional communication vibe and raising our emotional IQ.

We have a week that is also influence with curiousness, about everything. Not only are we curious but we will be able to tell the truth from lies in seconds.

With that you might want to think before you speak and try to focus on the message not the messenger.

To keep balanced this week, try out this short exercise/affirmation once or whenever during the day you feel the need to centre yourself.

Find a quiet place where you can be in stillness for a few moments. Sit or stand, take three deep breaths to ground yourself. Then say out loud or within your head; I’m balanced, I’m centred, I’m strong and I Know what I want – minimum three times.

Finish of with three Thank you’s.

Keep it light!

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