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What's up week 31

The energies this week are flowing through us like warm, sunshine.

Warming up our bodies, our minds, our souls from the core and out, bringing it's light to us, if we want.

So this a a week where you have an inner light and strength that is helping you on the way.

If times feel challenging, ask for help from your divine guidance and light to come forth. Look for signs how to proceed next.

By focusing on the negative or things that makes you unhappy, you bring in more difficulties, so switch your thoughts.

Keep your thoughts positive with a focus on what you do want.

Monday is a good day to get things done that you have been putting off, to get back on track.

We have a new Leo moon on Tuesday that has strengthening and vitalizing energy so a good time for new beginnings.

On Tuesday it’s also a good day to pick up a project, person or place that was left by the wayside last spring.

For the next month it’s great to focus on being your own best friend. Be nice and loving to yourself and take the time to reach out and help others.

Tool for this week’s energies are

Three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Then imagen that you are floating in the most beautiful water on the most beautiful day and in this water any unwanted energies are being swept away.

There is a light coming from the bottom of the sea/water shining through you and lighting you up.

There is a light coming from above lightning you up from the above.

You can stay here in the water, beaming of light for as long as you like at least once a day.

Until next week - Keep it light!

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