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What's up week 32

Energies this week are not that noticeable when they flow through us. A bit calmer, more subtle and soft. So it’s a good week to relax, within this area and take a breather.

Focus on positive outcomes, visualisation and believe. Challenges fade away as the joy that comes from true faith lights your way like a clear, starry sky.

Look to the future with hope and optimism and you might suddenly know what to do next!

There is a bit of planet action concentrated to the weekend/Saturday when Saturn starts moving forward again.

That is our wake-up call to be responsible for your own actions and use one of Saturn’s most valuable gifts; the ability to face cold hard facts.

Only drawback is Venus interaction that can get you down in your self-esteem. If you have trouble in love or finance, reach out for a second opinion, someone that you trust.

That can get you going in the right direction.

You can also use this tool all week, that helps balancing the energies of the week:

Take three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Imagen that you are holding in your hands a ball of light. It’s a sparkling bright light that is beautiful and attractive.

It’s as big as you would like it to be and not too heavy. You can hold it easily with both of your hands.

Within this ball of light you can put your visions for the day, for the week for the year or for the month. What is it you want to manifest in life, in yourself?

Once you’ve done that you take the ball of light and stretch it up above your head and let the light flow through your arms, through your crown chakra into your whole body and enlighten your body with this divine light filled with your divine wishes.

Until next week, keep it light!

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