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What's up week 41

Get ready to expect the unexpected!

Delays are over and it is time to get moving again. A magical time is coming up for you that will allow you to make some hoped-for changes. Keep the momentum going, do your research and seek out answers to unanswered questions with speed and optimism. Surround yourself with optimist people who can cheer you on and applaud your success.

The energies this week are telling us to look forward, release past and to get excited about or future. To vision our future, the upcoming day, week, months or year.

It’s not about releasing things you hold dear it is about who you are here and now. Keeping the things that fits and releasing what’s not for your highest best.

Saturday Uranus is making a once a year opposition to the Sun in Libra. Uranus is a symbol for freedom, scientific and technological discoveries with a shadow side that can give sudden breaks in continuum that cause periods of unexpected change. Mostly in areas of politics and economics or science and technology.

On Sunday we have a full moon and this one is a Super moon that is very close to Uranus indicating disturbance – good day to stay in bed, lay low and keep your eyes wide open.

A short tool for this week to balance the energies:

Let's take three deep breaths to ground ourselves. Then vision yourself standing somewhere where you feel at peace and relaxed. While your standing there a clear see-through energy of light sweeps over your body, every inch of your body until you also have become clear, bright energy, almost see-through. Then it sweeps pass and you are back in your body, cleansed and can start the day!

Keep it light!

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