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What's up week 49

From Tuesday we have an energy that opens up our vibration to love and money to its outer limits and urge us to go where no one has gone before but without going experimental or pushing boundaries.

It’s a week where you have the opportunity to grow when handling opposing goals from differing opinions, meeting overly ambitious people or being one yourself.

Walk lightly, and try to be in the now.

Without getting into stress mode, do what you are supposed to do, moment by moment and be happy and thankful for everything that you achieve.

Keep your energy light and optimistic, even when dealing with drama. Get clear about what does and doesn’t matter. Set aside small items that won’t advance your goal, or delegate them to someone who isn’t bothered by that specific work. Take time for your thoughts to bloom and let them flow without restrictions. Be aware of your body and its signals to you.

It is also a good week to take time for preparations; for the coming holidays, for the new year and preparation for closure of this year.

A quick tool to balance the energies this week,

We start by taking three deep breaths. Then imagen that you are embracing yourself with both arms and repeat the words; I am Here, I am Now, I am Loved at least three times.

Then stay in this warm energy for as long as you like before getting on with your day. You can do this as often as you like during the week.

Have a beautiful week and take it easy and wait with your big lift off a little bit longer!

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