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Adjust or Resist...

Yesterday I was travelling by train with my nephew on a three hours journey when it suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere. After a while cart after cart started to black out and we were told that there was something wrong with the train that they couldn’t fix. Slowly the train had to reverse to the nearest station.

We all had to get off and wait for the next one, that would arrive in about 40 minutes time and we were also told that the train was already crowded. With a double amount of people getting on, a lot with extra luggage from Christmas holidays, it would mean being squeezed on that train for the 1, 5 hour journey that was left.

My nephew and I decided to wait for the train after that (it would arrive about 30 minutes after the crowded train).

It was a magical night and the snow was falling in big snowflakes making the surrounding beautiful. Cold yes, but pretty and there was a station to take shelter in or have some coffee.

Very few from the first train did like us, instead there was a lot of anger in the air and “well at least I have to have a seat” and you could feel the basic animal instinct brewing to a first come first served mentality. Never mind the elder or children.

I heard one man being upset that the people in first class didn’t get prioritised for the few seats available in the incoming train. All in all when that train came it was a shamble.

I do understand if you had another connection to reach or travelling with small children or elderly, that you wanted to get on, but I don’t think that was the case for the majority. It was people who couldn’t accept the sudden change of plans if the comments on the platform was anything to go by.

I didn’t think too much about it at the time but it hit me when the overcrowded train had left, how the atmosphere completely changed.

The few of us who were left started to talk to each other and everyone was so calm, friendly, cracking jokes and smiling. We had shelter from the snow if we wanted already late so 30 minutes more wasn’t such a big deal.

The friendly atmosphere continued when the next train came and everyone was helping those with big luggage’s, making sure all got on the train, still cracking jokes and being connected all the way back to our destination.

Maybe on some unconscious level we had witnessed a behaviour in the first group that we wanted to distance ourselves from or maybe when you accept small things that life throws you, make your decision from a bigger picture instead “being right” or “having the right to” or even just “going with the crowd”, it’s easier to relax, connect and have a pleasant time.

The wisdom I take with me from this is how joyful life becomes when we connect, open up and share. Also how different the energy is between stressed, angry, self-serving energy to one that adapt, relax and make the best out of life’s turns and how quick it changes.

Got to love those unintentional moments that gives you a wider view of life!

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