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What's up week 5

We are moving into energies that are calm in the beginning of the week and a bit more fiery by the end of the week.

Not calm in the way that we should stand still and relax. We just had the New Moon so it’s a good opportunity to get going and start up anything new, anything planed and anything that you are feeling pulled to.

But calm in that the planets are not moving to much until end of the week.

If you have untapped talent and range of skills, express those gifts outwardly and you’ll grow personally and reap financial rewards.

Your creativity should be allowed to soar to new heights this week. Work with people who share your excitement and who enjoy creative collaboration.

Follow your passion when it comes to what you do professionally. You are drawn to what brings you joy for a reason and that in turn will lead to abundance.

Then when we get a bit more fiery energies by the end of the week, see if you can use those to fuel your plans, creativity and start-ups, instead of turning the energy inwards.

On Friday Venus moves into the more warrior county of Aries. Although this is not good news for relationships and finances, it does give you some time to sharpen your skills in those areas.

Late on Sunday Jupiter turns retrograde giving us a chance to rethink, review or rebuild our moral, ethical and religious views over the next four months.

A quick tool to balance the energies of the week; start by taking three deep breaths to ground yourself.

Then imagen that there is like a shower of light or a pillar of light coming from above, from the universe, going through you and around you.

It’s keeping you safe, cleansed and loved.

Stand in this pillar of light for as long as you like and whenever you like during the week, keeping you safe, cleansed and loved.

Thank you and enjoy the week.

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