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What's up week 11

We are moving into new energies that are going through the earth. It’s energies of Compassion, Heart and Beauty.

This week the essence of these energies start to take a bigger place in our life’s. In a natural way we will start not only to have compassion for others but for ourselves, not only see beauty around us but within ourselves, if we stay open for it.

The energies are also pumping up our volume to get going with our plans and vision, with ease and gratitude. Balance our daily concerns with the big picture.

Any dream needs love and passion to grow, but also careful thinking and good leadership. Staying organized with a methodical plan is a good choice this week.

Remember that preparations can save you great deal of time.

Mercury makes a change from Pieces to Aries giving us an easier time for the next three weeks to get to the point and say what we mean.

Communicate our visions, find words that inspire and also show our heartfelt concern for those around us.

Quick tool to balance the week; We start by taking three deep breaths to ground ourselves. Then imagen that you are stretching out your arms, palms up, where ever you are standing or sitting and turning your face towards the sun. Let its warmth and strength shine down on you. Except this strength moving in to you through its beams of sunlight and imagen you are standing in this sunlight, breathing in and out in this strengthening exercise.

Have a beautiful week.

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