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What's up week 20

The heavens has graced us with a light-filled week. We start the week slow. Take your time and take a bow to the progress you have made so far. Recognize your own success as a way to reinforce just how powerful and creative you are. Feel that gratifying sense of completion. Find it and let it move in with you.

We are in a week that is full of abundance if we look. It’s a week to keep moving, keep dreaming, keep visioning and growing. The energies this week are heightening our thinking capacity to think clearer, more connected and loving. It’s like a fertiliser for plans and actions. This deliberate and methodical mind set will be with us over the next three weeks.

You can now begin a whole new adventure if you desire. You have the magic touch right now, be fearless in choosing your next big accomplishment.

On Friday things gets stirred up in a good way. The worst you can do is have too much fun.

On Saturday our general focus shifts away from the physical world to move into a mental and social whirlwind. We tend to feel lighter and more social and there’s an unrelenting need to find out everything about everyone.

Love is also moving in or sipping in in to our hearts, minds and bodies. Love for the Earth, ourselves and those around us.

Affirmation for the week; I am at peace!

Keeping it light!


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