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What's up week 30

The energies this week are a bit up and down in a hybrid combination of the good and the bad, the hard and the easy., the old and the new.

The idea that your trapped by your situation is a false one. Don’t let your ego convince you that you’re without power. You have what it takes to move out of any situation you don’t like.

We are strongly pushed to choose our way still and now it’s the week to get going after this New Moon. At the same time we are being held back a little bit, to take time and evaluate our choices to make sure that they come from our highest good, our inner wish and not something from the outside, before moving on. If you feel the choice is right, then you’re ready to go, if not then please ask for more clarity. Never mind if it doesn’t make sense when the answer comes up, if it feels right for you, it’s right. Then with the right answer, remember that changes require commitment and that means making a choice to actively improve matters and taking the first step.

Remember that these are new times and it doesn’t have to make sense with what you used to believe in or what you thought you believed in. Go with your inner gut feeling.

Take responsibility for your life NOW, this is a good time. You will make it through with resolve and determination.

Late on Monday we are encouraged to think outside the box.

Tuesday Mercury moves into Virgo where it’s very happy. That’s when our mental energy shifts toward work and health issues. A subtle mantra this day is; Focus on the small stuff.

On Wednesday Sun and Mars are in perfect sync, so that’s one of the easiest times of the year to fuse your actions with your personal desires.

Don’t delay do it today - Believe in yourself!

Affirmation for the week; I open my arms to a new way of life - aligned with my heart, body, and soul.

Keep it light!


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