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Whats's up August

Welcome to this energy read for the month of August!

There is a lot happening this month with energies that are opening up, others closing, being released and/or transformed.

We are in the midst of the Lion Gate portal opening with its full activation 8/8 and a full moon on the 7/8. The energies asks us to let go, balance our inner light and open up to a new set of eyes.

Letting go of all habits and things that is no longer in our interest. Letting go of thoughts and feelings that are no longer serving our highest good. We now this by them dragging us down, making us feel uncomfortable or low. Start to use your body as your compass and see whenever you start to feel heavy, not joyful, anxious or not at peace without any reasonable explanation. Then your thoughts are going the wrong direction and thereby your energy.

Please take care of your thoughts this month, try to steer them in another direction if you are getting into the negative spiral or at least stop them.

You will get help from the energies to do this. If you get stuck, send out a thought with a request for help from your guides, your energies and your higher self. Stay open to receive its helping hands without trying to control whatever that hand looks like.

This is a major factor in this new heart energy that we are moving into, to let go of our controlling mind-sets and stay open for the universal flow. Then magic can and will happen.

There are so many shifts going on this month that it is a bit of a roller coaster. To keep an even flow and not be flung of your seat try to keep an open mind, an open heart and look for joy and beauty, whatever that means for you.

It’s not about surface or being untrue to yourself, it is what that inner deep Joy and Beauty means to you, not what you think societies definition is.

Actively seek it out, in situations, in persons in thoughts, whenever you get stuck as a game changer.

This is also a good time to start to learn how to trust your intuition, your inner wisdom and to hear when your body is talking to you.

Play with it, be kind to yourself if/when failing and try again. Soon you get the hang of your inner voice coming through your body.

If you would like to harmonise your energy with the energies of the month for an easier flow, go to "Meditation Bar" at my app for a guided energy meditation of the month.

If you haven’t downloaded the APP to your phone, you find it for free at Google Play for Androids or App store for IPhone.

Have a beautiful month and remember to keep it light for deeper possibilities!

Love and light all around,


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