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What's up week 52

It’s the last week of the year where we are wrapping up our bits, wrapping up our plans, putting them into the ground firmly, so that we may take the first step in the next year, ready for what it will bring.

This week there is a calm in the air but there is also a bit of irritation that is looming about. You can go through these feeling by raising your vision, your sight into the future instead of keeping it close by. Look at the big picture this week. Keep it solid within you, and take steps towards that. Know that each process has its time, each process is going as it should and now it’s a time to saw the seeds, put down the intention, vision, plans and that is plenty.

Christmas (25/12) might be a little more serious than usual this year with energies of Ebenezer Scrooge that can bring up the past, remind us of our present and forecast future duties and responsibilities.

Let go of belief systems that no longer works for you. Change can be disconcerting, but it doesn’t have to be something to fear. Ask for and look for signs that will lead you toward everything that’s vibrant and uplifting. Again, keep your eyes on the future or big picture.

Thursday can help to lighten the sombre mood if you lead with your creativity and let your intuitive side be your guide.

The year comes to a close on Sunday December 31, with a Gemini Moon which is a perfect symbol of duality for that magical moment on New Year’s Eve when chasm opens between the ending of the old and the beginning of the new.

Affirmation for the week - My intentions for 2018 are in place from a platform of love and joy.

If you like some help to balance the energies of the week, you have this week’s transformational energy meditation at the Meditation Bar. This week it was all about breathing in the light and breathing out what is no longer working on our path.

I thank you so much for following me this year that has been a very turmoiled year with major portals and changes that is affecting and transforming our energy on a deep deep level. I look forward to what 2018 will bring and hope to have you joining in then as well!

Best wishes for the year to come and all my love and light to you all!


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