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January Energy

This month we are working to water our seeds, to get our plans into action. We are working to build up this vision we have for our life, from the plans we made in 2017.

If you don’t have any plans and are open for whatever is to come, then that is a plan. If you want things to stay just as they are, no changes, then that is a plan. So, whatever it is you are visioning yourself for this year, we are starting it up this month with a good speed, with a good stability and a good energetic ground to start.

The end of the month may be a little bit different (the last two weeks) energetical. Its like we are opening our consciousness more.

Feeling sensing and detecting the connection we have with all that is, with the energy, with your neighbours, your co-workers, your family. This may feel a bit confusing at times. Rest assure that it is part of the heart energy that is moving in step by step. Opening our heart chakras to move our decision making from our minds down to our hearts. For us to live without the boundaries we have in our minds, without the limitations and fears. The step to this, or another step seeing that we have already have taken a few steps and we have a few more to go, is this opening of the connection. It’s always been open but now we are registering it in our minds, so you will notice it and you will notice the beautiful feeling of the energetic flow.

It’s a joyful month when keeping your focus light. If you get dips, like we all do, then try and race above and try to look at the bigger picture. This is you stepping up on your legs, starting to walk into the year and you are allowed a few falls without being hard on yourself. We are here to learn, we are here to experience, and we are here to love ourselves along with our fellow human being, animals and earth and we are all connected.

Try and stay curious, with a higher view and an open mind and heart for the month and it will be an extraordinary shift that we are moving into that you will notice by keeping open.

If you like a balancing meditation for this month you will find it here.

Love and light to you all!


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