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What's up week 1

Happy new beginnings!

We now enter into the first month of 2018!

It’s a warm sparkling week with energies that are telling us to relax and softly start up this year that is filled with possibilities, development and choices.

The week in front of us we have a full moon in cancer and with this moon comes a warm fuzzy glow. The week may also have some positive surprise in store for you that comes from nowhere and lightens up the day.

It’s a good week to take a break from society and commit to your spiritual growth, maybe find a mentor or teacher. Ponder the mysteries of life and reconnect with source after maybe some busy holiday celebrations.

Remember to ask for assistance at any time from your guides when looking for answers and they will illuminate your path to peace and happiness.

It’s also important to shine YOUR light so that other people can follow in your footsteps, you are also a beacon of inspiration. So don’t hide it!

Affirmation for the week is: I am here, ready to begin.

You can now check out this month’s energy read and balancing meditation at:

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