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February Energy

Every month I do a short energy check of what’s to come or what to look out for in the coming month together with a balancing meditation.

This is the transcript of the energy read for the month of February 2018.

We are moving into a month where we are asked to, or abled to, ground ourselves in a new way that is making us connect, relax and open up.

Open up our heart, our mind and our body for a beautiful communication that is instant. That is not controlled but coming from our heart and connecting to our mind and body in a flash, without detours.

It’s a beautiful month to set your seeds firmly into ground, to take those first steps, or maybe second, or third on your plan. Now supported by this energy that is softly and gently, yet strong, pushing you forward. Making you make the decisions and choices that is needed to be made. We are no longer here to drag energy with us that is not in our highest good. It is time to set that free. If it’s something that is supposed to stay in your life, then it will return in a new format. Its not about never again or the final ending of something or someone. It is a releasing activity that is making it possible for both situations or persons or whatever it might be, to step into its light, step into its energy and for ourselves to do the same. Then meet up in a new dimension of consciousness if that’s in the cards.

We are like fragile flowers spreading our sent, our colour, our beauty out into the world and we need good soil, nourishing soil around us for us to become as bright and beautiful as we are supposed to be. That is why we are letting go of energy that is not working for our arrangement, or our growth, or coming into full bloom at the moment

This is also a month where we can connect and ask for support and nourishment from the sun. Its always here to help us and this month we get some extra strength and energy from our friend the sun.

When walking out, whether it is a rainy and cloudy day or bright sunlight you know its always there. You can always put your intention to guide your day and way and strengthen your energy.

By the middle of the month, take extra care of your happiness. Make sure you set out time to relax and enjoy life. Enjoy the small things that comes your way, during the day. If you’re not in a place where it is obvious then search for it. Put your intention to find at least three things that makes you smile a day. Three things that makes your heart lighter, in order to connect to this open, light energy to continue into the month.

The lighter we can soar, the deeper we may go without the fear of being dragged down or stuck. So it’s the opposites that is making it a possible situation and connection for those truly deep journeys within and beyond.

If you like to do a balancing meditation for the month of February – got to the Meditation Bar or check out my latest podcast Meditation Jam – Love connection out Sunday 4/2 at Podcaster, Itunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud.

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