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What's up week 11

A new moon and a positive sign change makes this week a time to start something new. It’s a week to get your projects going. Also considering Mercury turns retrograde next week until mid-April, this week is the one to start whatever plans you are working on.

Sometimes the illusion of being trapped is taking over our thoughts. It could be that we place too much importance on material items or getting caught up in fear and worry.

Let all that go this week.

We are still diving deep inwards, with Jupiter in retrograde. Getting in touch with our soul, our light, our true inner wishes and our body. So, listen and hear what is really going on. Happiness can be elusive if we’re not clear on our own priorities, motivations and behaviours. Taking time for self-reflection allows us the opportunity to experience great personal epiphanies and practise self-forgiveness. See the truth of who we are!

Release those aspects that no longer serve you. Let go of guilt, fear and blame. Have compassion for yourself. Detox from harmful foods, substances or people. Confront your fears. Release the old and welcome the new!

On Tuesday there can be some struggle between being accountable and letting the good times roll. Again, listen to what direction your body wants to lead you, and follow that trail. You will get some lucky assistance later in the day when the door for good fortune and opportunity opens.

The Pieces New Moon on Saturday encourages us to use its compassionate and heling energy by contributing to new charity or beginning a mindful meditation or creative project. The flip side to this moon could be drowning our sorrows in alcohol. There might also be some angry energy from Mars that could cause fight or arguments, but the conflict is short-lived.

Keep your focus, keep your peace and stay out of drama. That is not for you anymore. Even though we might not see exactly where we are going, as long as we keep our focus and intention, we are on the right path.

An energy of ambition will be in effect for the next two months, perfect for any new projects we start up.

Affirmation of the week – I am focused and balanced.

In this week’s Lunch Time Chill meditation at the Meditation Bar we tune into our body compass and get to know it a bit more!

Keeping it light!


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