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What's up week 16

This week is a mixed bag, with two long-term planetary retrogrades. Plus, energies are flying high after a strong Aries New Moon and Mercury moving forward last week, leaving you with the choice which parts of the energies to grab.

The kick-off is on Tuesday, April 17 with a planetary opposition that can inflate social and financial expectations to unrealistic levels. It’s not a good time to borrow, lend or invest.

The first long-term retrograde comes later that same day from Saturn and will last five months. This can be a rewarding time that yields a bonanza of insights and wisdom if you turn inward and reflect on unfinished business. Saturn is our planet of Karma and when it turns retro, it’s time to sort out old or new karma issues, to clean our slates.

Then on Wednesday we have an air filled with nervous tension. It’s an unpredictable day but things will be settling down the next day. Know that there is some turbulence on the horizon but by keeping your focus solid, your intention solid and your goals solid, this should be a week to move through with high results. Maybe even a step up in your career, or maybe just a step up in your thoughts ABOUT your career. That’s where it all starts, in our mind. How to expand our view, of our ability, of our day, of what we can create. So, it is as equally important to step up in our thoughts as it is to do the change. Start there.

When stepping up in your thoughts you may realize that you want to acquire some new knowledge.

Maybe it is time to take that seminar, call a mentor or go back to school. It’s all part of expanding our energy, our minds to bring down limitations and live from our heart fully.

Any well-thought-out plans this week will go perfectly even if you might need a little push to get going. Remember you have the New Moon covering you back and comminucation flowing again.

The second retrograde of the week is on Sunday when Pluto also turns backward for the next five months. Pluto being an outer planet, its energy is subtle and harder to access on a personal level. Pluto is also symbolic of large social movements and its retrograde periods less personal. But Pluto’s key role is transformation and this change of direction coming can also be used as a long-term opportunity to revisit old hurts and hang-ups in order to purge and recycle whatever is not relevant. Also remember Saturn and Karma… What better time to release old skeletons hanging round.

Affirmation of the week – I expand my mind and thereby my life.

In this week’s balancing meditation we expand our inner energy and connect it to an universal energy to go beyond our limitations. You find at the Meditation Bar – Lunch time chill.

Keeping it light,


p.s Last Meditation Jam episode is now out at Podcaster, Stitcher, Soundcloud and iTunes. This week we get into the powerful energy of creating with the vibration of beauty.

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