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What's up week 17

This week have all the ingredients for an intense week with energies like a when you are in a traffic jam. Some people being upset honking their horns trying to move even though it’s a jam. Other accepting relaxing and moving within and going with the flow.

Sot it’s a week when things get loud around us and you have a choice to do the same and fall into the angry energy or go within, find your centre and stay close to your heart.

Stay centred and listen to your intuition, your heart and inner knowledge. Sometimes we are too busy or triggered to hear or recognise our voice. Then it’s our shore and choice to take a break, take a breather, leave the room or discussion and focus on something else. Do the right thing for the right reason.

On Tuesday Venus makes a move where being smart and flirty becomes the new beautiful for the next four weeks.

Then there’s a short-lived dip on Wednesday, when communications turn serious and fear based followed by potentially destructive energies on Thursday. These ones once you really want to watch out for when aggression and violence may surface. Avoid negative or dangerous people, places and things. This a time to respect and stay away of some energies that are better left untouched.

Sunday, we have a Scorpio Full Moon and this is the best day of the year to clean out your closet (physical as well as emotional and psychological) and recycle what you no longer need.

The Full moon also makes it a good time to look deeply, plan carefully and get a lot of work done. Compare traditional versus new approaches to see which works for you. If your goals are met with resistance, it may be due to the method you are using to attain them, rather than a flaw in your actual plans. Be open to trusted people’s perceptions regarding the right strategy to take. Follow your dreams while remaining honest and true in dealing with others and remember the power of prayer.

Affirmation of the week– Through my heart I connect to my soul.

In this week's balancing meditation, we get quiet, still and let our own vibration take place to connect us with our inner voice. You find it at the Meditation Bar - Lunch Time Chill.

Keeping it light!


P.s. If you haven't already please check out my upcoming Energy Adventure where we'll be working with the energies of Joy and Beauty-instant magical creation in wales, also possible to take part from a distance.

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