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What's up week 21

We are moving into a week where gratitude is a main player. You can do anything, take charge of your life and manifest what you need to be a success, through gratitude. To understand what you already have versus what you need allows you to get the perfect help.

If you can’t find things at the first glance to be grateful for, then make it your chore to search for it, every day and see your life expand.

The energy of the week is a bit up and down. You can however sail through it smoothly by setting your goals early on. Start already on Monday, make your overall goals for the week then release, look for things to be grateful for and take one step at a time.

It’s also a good week to seek good advice from experienced people and allow others to open doors for you or make introductions to those who can point you in the right directions.

Again, it’s a week to take charge of your life, visualise hopes and dreams and be grateful of where you are in life.

It’s also an easy week to bring ideas into reality through networking and social media.

If you are feeling extra chatty on Wednesday, don’t go there “loose lips sink ships”. Things smooth out later that day,

One of the highlights of the year is Friday 25/5. This day brings with it abundance of luck, generosity and compassion.

However, it can also inflate visions and produce false hopes. Please keep your feet on the ground when you reach for the stars and you’ll be fine and remember to set your goals early this week.

Affirmation of the week – When I look, I always find things to be grateful about.

Keeping it light!


P.s. I've just made an amazing Energy Adventure to Wales and will be posting more about that. If you want to make sure you won’t miss anything you can download my free app at Google play or App store - “Maria Rinné Energy” and you will get a notification when something is happening.

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