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What's up week 26

A serious Full Moon, a significant retrograde and a dramatic sign change are lining up this busy week surfacing a desire for a more meaningful life and/or realizing that it’s time to move on.

We start up the week with a bit of roller coaster, with energetic ups and downs. One moment you might be feeling very energetic and in the next the opposite, without warning and then back again. It’s like there is no neutral mode. It is ok because you recharge when you are still, to be fully active with high speed at the energetic peaks.

On Tuesday it’s time to cool your jets when Mars turns retrograde until the end of summer. A Mars retrograde period is a celestial stall – a time-out to review anger issues, abilities to be confident and to assess your leadership skills.

There are some closure going on at the Capricorn Full Moon on Thursday 28/6, maybe you have come to a decision to leave a situation that is no longer in your highest good.

You’ve made this decision on your own, it hasn’t been pushed upon you. It may seem challenging, or it may seem like a wonderful relief, perhaps even an adventure.

Remember you can take small daily steps until the changes you desire are in place. Or you can move quickly. The most important thing is that you evaluate your situation honestly and openly and move toward happiness. Don’t worry, you are ready.

On Thursday there’s a minor shift late in the day where communication become bold, fiery and focused more on drama than on details. This will resurface on Saturday as well. If you have any important conversations planned for the end of the week, it could be good to postpone them until next week.

With all this there is a good chance for some heavy spiritual growth by the end of the week, maybe even a turning point in life

We are getting a lot of energy from the sun that is helping us this week, so when ever you are feeling tired, out of bounce or disconnected, let the sun whether visible or not fill your mind and body with its energy. Connect and use the affirmation of the week - I let the energy of sun fill me from top to toe.

Keeping it light,


p.s. If you haven’t already check out my last pod episode at “Meditation Jam” that connects us with a lovely heart expanding Earth energy. Available at Podcaster, iTunes and more.

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