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Today has felt like a fresh breeze compared to yesterday. Like morning dew, all through the day. Like something new begun that is solid, peaceful, fresh and light.

I haven’t been able to grasp more about it than the feeling, until this evening.

Last night I had a lovely dream that’s been following me all day, knocking on my mind, asking me to send it on to a beautiful spiritual running partner. Late afternoon I took it seriously and send her a message with my dream and to my happy surprise she had had a similar one.

Divining a bit further into it, both where layered with personal messages but also at least one shared message that was about welcoming a part of ourselves fully, to be able to move on more balanced, healed and ready.

The energy that showed up and worked with us during the night, is also an energy that is part of this Heart Energy we’re in at the moment. It’s an energy helping us to get a seamless balance between Female and Male energy. Not in the sense of gender male/female but the essence of the pure male energy and pure female energy and the need to accept both as part of our own creational source.

I’ve written about this in my blog throughout the year and talked about it in my podcast, how we are cleansing the male energy to re-open and raise the female energy fully, for a balance that helps us flow and create effortless. How we, when we accept and embrace them both fully, can move and create like the lightning outside the window yesterday.

So please, take notice of your dreams right now. They come with messages in several layers. Write them down, go beyond the first coating and be open to ask for help to dig deeper.

Also, isn’t it just heavenly to have energetic work being executed while we sleep, and our busy mind stays out the way so that we may wake up feeling fresh and new like the morning dew.

Keeping it light,

Love always,


#Solareclipse #Mooneclipse

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