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We are getting closer to the last portal with only one week left and today I got a clear message of new beginnings. One where we have the opportunity to ease down and make sure we do our best to enjoy life, without thinking about it. It’s not an emotion to control, its one that will be there, when we are ready and open to step into it during and after this last portal.

In this morning’s meditation, the message I got was to try and keep the sunny side up, shake things off. How life is serious enough without us adding and dragging choices, actions and thoughts around, that we can let go of. To be real we all have days with hard situations to solve, learn or move through. Our coming practice and lesson will be to do this without stepping in and keeping the energy longer than required.

Later today an energy showed up that I have met before. It came on so strong today that I got curious and had to explore more. The fun part of it is that it shows up in the form of a specific person that I know who he is but don’t know.

The presence of this energy is mega strong, like having him by the chair next to me. Always with good, solid, supporting vibes.

The first time this energy showed up was before I was going to a weekend Spirit Junkie Master Class in New York, about two years ago. Those 3 days was a new beginning for me back then. It lifted my focus and vision in the best way.

Then I had no idea why it/he was energetically next to me for such a long time and didn’t feel it was important at the time. I enjoyed the presences of his New York energy that helped me feel very at home in the big city.

Then it/he came back a few days after the first portal this summer through a dream and today during the day when I was busy working. It got me curious of what the essence of the energy is, so this time I dove into it and asked. Not that surprising, it connected to what I had written down this morning but with more oomph to it.

There is a new horizon that are raising and it’s not one where we will/can walk around heavy and trapped. We all have a choice so it’s not a given. We all need to take the steps, do our work and keep it light whenever we can but as I said before the energy is here and its staying. There is no major rush if you like to move slow.

It is asking us to put our party pants on and go out in life and enjoy it in what ever way that is for each and everyone of us.

Now I know the next time he shows up that there is yet another new beginning around the corner in what ever area of life it may be. The beginning is like the energy that sat next to me today, good, solid, strong and unapologetic to life.

Remember to take signs and intuition to heart. The energy is communicating with us and all around us constantly.

Keeping it light

Love always,


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