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What's up week 2

Happy New 2019!

We’ve started up the new year last week with a New Moon in Capricorn together with a partial Solar eclipse, that spills over to this week. Its strong, grounded energies is helping us steer our steps in our higher direction.

It’s helping us stay strong in our light and energy. I see it like we are both a mountain in its stability and strength and a butterfly in its light adventurous playfulness.

Our task is to go within, listen and connect with ourselves. Take time if only a few minutes a day to ground and welcome our energy and light. Let it shine through the door, that’s been opened at the New Moon/eclipse last week, strong and steady.

Set you intention for this each day and the beginning of this year of beginnings will have a solid platform.

When we allow more light from our true essence to make its way into the world and our mind we open our path quicker. With the strong, stable energies of the week it becomes easier to trust and be up for whatever adventure and magic our inner light is moving towards. There’s no task to big, no detail to small when we vibrate with this energy. It provides us with an optimism to get the work done with a smile whilst feeling alive. A sense of anything is posible and sparkles flying around.

On Monday Venus enters Sagittarius, creating a flashpoint for exciting new possibilities in love and money. Be sure to keep your options open and ground them or they will burn out as quickly as they showed up.

Friday present a unique opportunity to get to know yourself by looking deep within. Open that inner door even more. If you’ve already been working at this level, this would be a good day for a major transformation. When we have eclipses influencing the energy (that we have up until the 21/1), parts of us surface to be transformed and/or removed.

Why not take the opportunity to use this energy. Dig deep, fearless and appreciative for what ever comes up and let it do its work for you without trying to control the outcome.

Shine your light, stay true to who you are and strong in your choices and this week’s challenges will be met successfully.

Keeping it light,


P.s if you haven’t already you can check out my New Moon Solar Eclipse mediation here

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