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Wha't up week 9

We may think that we can’t see clearly and have no or little control over our life right now. Like we are walking in a dense fog. This is not so! What we are doing is letting our body and heart steer our way towards what’s in our highest good. To do so we sometimes must disconnect our controlling mind. When we do this, we don’t run away from the truth. When we listen to our body and heart, truth is what we get.

Is there something you know like to change? Review your current plans to see if they are following your current path of truth or do you need to make changes and adjustment. Could be big or teeny-weeny changes. Listen to your intuition that will give you signs and messages to show your truth. Ask your light to be extra expressive so that you may hear the answers if you can’t see them.

This being a calm energetic week, almost like a standstill, gives us the perfect moment to listen, before we move into active March at the end of the week. Take a minute to appreciate the beauty of stillness, to appreciate hearing and feeling the world around and within you. It’s preparing us for what’s to come.

As said before there is also a lot of things happening behind the scenes this month.

On Wednesday its time to take advantage of a slight energy bump by making things happen at work and at off-work. Trust your instinct and move forward and the step will be twice as big.

Love and finances take a hit on Friday. Get ready for a conflict between the desire for security versus the desire for change and independence. The attitude towards love and money change focus from the material to being detached, noncommittal and much more innovative. It’s going to go on like this for a few weeks. Seeing the things will speed up in March and with this energetic influence our intuition plays a major roll for us not to keep it real.

Let’s move through this week appreciating its beauty and stillness and build our trust in new beginnings!

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