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Energy Adventure to Norway

The energy from West Norway started calling a few years back, however (maybe because it is so close to where I live) I forgot about it. Then it came back strong when I was in Nevada and now the time has come to go.


I will travel beginning of June and the energetic focused work will go on 9- 12 of June.

The information I got so far is that there is a special connection to the Universe, to the starry sky, the planets and specifically one that is helping us move through barrier and will give us a significant energy that blasts away limitations.

This land is rich in magic, history and connection to nature as well as the Universe. It is like a portal, a gateway, waiting to be found. An entrance to a beautiful dimension in the Universe.

I see it as we will be opening a highway between our heart and mind. When we talk about dimensions in the universe it translates equally to within ourselves. There is a highway that is moving into our mind, into a space where we haven’t travelled before, consciously.

Now while we are opening this with the keys we collect here, we will access an inner knowledge without restriction.

When we get these keys to open this door, old blockages shred away and our energy, our creative possibilities expands like an explosion. That’s the power of this energy, that’s the strength held in this place. The energy that is within this earth are truly magnificent and potent.

It is a very strong and explosive energy so this is for all of you who like to move/transform quick, with all that entails.

Is this something you feel drawn to?

You can join me Live in Norway or on a distance.

When joining in Norway we will do meditations, visit beautiful places, soak up the energy that's there for us and every day you’ll get first-hand information of what I’m downloading through channellings and connection with this energy as well as the adventure of being in this place. There will probably be some night excursions as well.

If you feel drawn to this but have no possibility to go to Norway you can join from the comfort of where you are. I will bring your energy into every energetic work we do and send you the meditations and channellings as soon as the connection allows.

There will be some meditations done before and after the adventure as well, to start opening to this energy. I’ll send these as well to all who is joining, on a distance or in Norway.

Sounds like something you don’t want to miss?

Please let me know and I’ll send you more information or go to my shop/Adventures to read more about the options.

​A truly beautiful adventure and the energy has already started to connect!

Universal Love


Reading my notes from the Energy Adventure to Nevada I got some information about this journey. Reading up about it now I'm not to surprise that there is a tail of the Wholly Grail and Joseph of Arimathea as well as the magic of the majestic nature in place. The energy here is strong, stable and it speaks loud and clear.


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