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A new way of day

Yesterday I had a beautiful insight that I want to share with you all.

We know that we have been moving into a time where it’s our heart that’s in the control seat and our mind is our co-pilot. Still in regards of some of my daily activities or “work” I’ve been thinking my way forward of what to do, how and when to do it. Not forceful but active. Trying a little here and a little there, feeling my way forward, partly from my mind.

It’s deeply rooted. The way to work and create from our mind in some parts of life, even if we know the flow is universal. I think the mind takes over, especially when it comes to our daily activity that is connected to income. The difference this year is that I have been more open to follow the flow and listen instead of only following routines and habits. Asking my energy to help me see the flow and understand it clearer.

Yesterday I understood that I’ve been going about it backwards. Instead of asking help from my guides and energy to let me see how I can do a thing I thought I should do I’ve realised that I should ask for help to open and stay open to the flow without adding any detail. That’s my main work.

Can you see the difference!

I stay open and the energy moves through me instead of the energy being there and I try to figure out how it should go through me and when.

When our work is to be open to the flow we don’t have to think about how, what or when. Our daily work instead becomes to keep ourselves balanced and mindful, to keep space in time to be able to act on what is coming through and trust that it’s the right move.

A new way of life that I find different and exciting.

I think that if you for example are in a workspace where there are routines, procedures and rules that needs to be followed, this still works. By opening ourselves to the highly intelligent flow, it will show us how to do what we are supposed to do at the best time in the best possible way. It’s not about laying on the couch waiting for inspiration or that we suddenly are supposed to do something complete different. It’s instead about the source of inspiration and action that is aligned with our highest good that we allow to step up and steer. This takes the pressure of our mind and thereby reduces stress and judgement.

When we set our intention each day, get going with what we are supposed to do whilst staying open to the universal flow. When we work with ourselves in such a way so that we are as balanced as we can be, so that we can pick up whatever balls are being thrown at us to run with, instead of pushing and adding pressure on ourselves to come up with what balls to run with, we will see and feel the difference.

2020 is coming closer and this year is going to be active and creative. What better foundation to move into this year than to actively open and allow the flow to move through us in an organic way.

I allow myself to be open to the light that flows from the highest good. I do this with love and joy. This is my main task each day.

Love and joy


P.s check out coming Heart Ignitions 27 of December and 3 of January that will help us close this year and decade and open our heart to what’s to come.


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