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December Pure Heart Calendar 2/12

Warm welcome to day 2 of the December Pure Heart Calendar opening!

Is there any part of your life that it’s time to rewrite – today is a good day to start.

We all come with layers about how we should act, react, maybe do or not do. Layers where we/our hearts are not the authors.

Why not have a look at one or two and start to rewrite the story, if only in your mind. The wisdom and knowledge are here for us to connect to, when we silence our heart and mind.

We have love and help from our ancestors and guides. Remember to ask them for there assistance.

The meditation today helps us balance our earthly body with our universal heart mind.

Make sure you have some time to be still and relax with the meditation before moving on with the day.

I used the oracle deck Angels and Ancestors from Kyle Gray to vibe into the energy of the day.

If you like to take part of my drawing for a personal Pure Heart Ignition, please subscribe to my blog, (

Have a creative and peaceful day!

Love and light


Music in meditation - “The Inner calling” composed by Music Of Wisdom - Licensed from

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