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I release my added armour I now know I'm safe without it

It’s time to take of the layers of protection and walls that we build through the years. Thank them for keeping us safe and then let go, trusting that our light and inner guiding got us.

As good as all these protections might have been throughout our lifetimes, they have also excluded us from being fully connected, fully present and truly open to the magic of life.

It is now time to tear them down to both receive and give to-and from our authentic self. With the beautiful heart energy being accessible, speaking through and with our body, we need to let it flow free, in and out. Then there is no room or need for walls that keeps this energy from flowing.

Right now, is a good time to start, with a retrospective mercury in reverse and Pisces emotional energy allowing us to go deep with our emotions. To get to know them, recognise them, for us to allow them out on the surface as well as within. Without judgment, control or expectations, only curiosity, love and acceptance for what is showing up.

Sometimes it is the unknown that is the scariest and by allowing ourselves to become acquainted with our own light and feelings, pure, raw and fearless, we can take major steps in the direction of our hearts.

Living behind our old protective walls, the light and magic of life have a harder time reaching us because we are closed off in many directions.

Right now, I feel sore, vulnerable and sad. My sister is taking her last breaths on the hospital after being diagnosed with Cancer a few months back. It’s gone so quick and we didn’t see it coming. She is with us, but barely.

Feeling all these emotions that are a mix of sorrow as well as such a strong love from beautiful memories and gratitude for the time we’ve had, I see it so clear. How we have built up walls of protection during all our lifetimes, for reasons that’s been totally valid.

I also see how it is time for us to now tear them down. When we get to follow our pure inner voice, coming from our heart energy moving through our body, the old protection is no longer working for us.

It is not only ok to go through all emotions but necessary. There is nowhere to hide nor should we. They are part of life and when we allow it there is a balance of both beautiful feelings as well as sad once. Both part of living.

It’s not about appearance or striving to be a better version, it is about being our light. Inside and out, letting it connect to our mind and move out into the world. Without thinking how, what, when. Instead acting and reacting from instinct and love.

With this comes strong emotions that are balanced. As well as being heartbroken in a moment of loss, it shows us the beauty of our fragile world. Ignites a spark of making the most of the time we have and highlighting what is important in our days.

When crunch comes to shove it is the moments that makes us feel, that we truly remember.

How can we do this without becoming Bambi on ice?

I would suggest start by setting your intention and you can use this affirmation:

Today I release my added armour, I now know I'm safe without it.

See if you can tell when you step back behind your walls and when you’re opening. Reward yourself the situations you let it go and be kind to yourself when you forget or don’t dare. Knowing that you are on your way.

Love and light

Your Heart


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