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YOU are the light

We all carry the light within us.

A light that shines up any dark moment or place.

Sometimes it’s easier to look outside ourselves for the switch and when we can’t find it fear, confusion and other lower vibrations sets in, making it even darker.

Sometimes we forget to turn it own and we blame society, our surrounding and more for the darkness we face.

Sometimes we don’t believe in our own light and dim it behind walls.

Sometimes we don’t even know we have it….

Sometimes you don’t think you have the strength to find your light, but it’s always there, ready to come forth.

In those moments instead of looking to the outside, go within. Connect to your light that is always there. It’s always on, without any electrical bill.

Sometimes it may even be that your light is what lights up your surrounding when they forget their own switch.

Believe in yourself. Not your minds ego but your hearts fearless power.

Try it, play with it and then use it all the time and especially when the day seams dark and you can´t see your way forward.

Getting into the vibe for this evenings Super Full Moon meditation and what it’s energy will ignite in us.

I’ll keep my light on, will you join me!




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