Maria Rinné Meditation

We have an energy shift going on, faster and more massive than before. It’s opening us to a new way of life.

The shift can be noticed in change of our thoughts, actions and reactions. This new way of life starts in our Pure Hearts where effortless creation, joy and love is on the top of the agenda.

To get there we need to listen and trust to make different choices and we will view life from another platform.

In my meditations I take you on an inner journey that ignites the parts of your energy that’s up for it. You can see me as a Life hacker that open your own system to your free heart. 

I’m not adding to it but igniting your Pure Heart to reach your light and wisdom.

I translate the energy’s journey that is about to happen into words, for you to follow. It’s however not the words in the meditation that’s the important part. They are merely there for your mind to have something to do and to relax into. The main work is done by the energy that we are igniting.

Your task during these meditations is to sit comfortably, or if you like to lay down and relax. If you fall asleep, if you’re thinking about something else from time to time, that’s ok. The energy that’s supposed to connect with you will do so just by your intention and the fact that you showed up.

The first couple of years I was learning to do this in a 8 year Master Class, I didn’t see or visualize much, if any, but I felt it was great for me and I started to see the changes in my life. Small but significant and I started to hear my inner voice that so easily gets pushed aside in today’s busy society.

My experience is that when we are in contact with our core, our heart or our soul, we act and react from a place without fear or judgement. We get to know what we want because we hear and feel it. That in itself reduces stress and anxiety but also makes you feel strong, balanced and connected. We become Pure, Raw and Happy.

When we are balanced, we can start creating our lives from a stable platform. No mistake it’s a work in progress, not done overnight but when working on an energy level in these meditations we speed up the process.

When I got started, I found it helpful to after each

meditation write down any specific thought,

feeling or vision I might have had, so that I later

could go back and see a pattern or confirm a

change, which helped my analytical side of the

brain accept the process a bit more.

I hope you will enjoy, ignite and find your balance.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!  

You don’t need any experience to start.

In my shop you can see what I offer, and you also find my meditations on YouTube (see About/Socialmedia) and in my podcast “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné”.

Welcome to my meditations and let’s get started and connect!

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