Listen and Ignite - Pre-recorded Meditations

Welcome to a selection of pre-recorded guided meditations. All with a mission to ignite your own inner wisdom, to hear your truth, balance and open your energy for a new way of life with clarity, joy and growth.

These guided channelled meditations connect with your light and wisdom. We go beyond thoughts by shutting down our brain through relaxation. Then the energy can go to work without interferents from a limiting mind.

We are ever expanding, and the transformation is here no matter when in time you listen to it or how many times. It meets you where you are right now.

Format Mp3 or Mp4. Language is English. No experience is required. They are suitable both for beginners and advanced practitioners. Most of them have been part of my pod “Meditation Jam with Maria Rinné” and here you can download them as well.

The energy coming through is strong and may put you to sleep. Please do not drive whilst listening. The changes that follows are often non-dramatic. They show up in life in a solid and organic way.

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