Show-up to life - eBook with igniting meditations

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This is an eBook with guided meditations, tools and igniting energy, here to help us Show-up to life.

Join me on an inner journey that;

- Connects us to the balance between pure male and female energy, by lifting and opening the true male energy.

- Infuse us with an energy of youth and joy.

- Aligns us to an energy that helps remove obstacles.

- Works to clear our third eye chakra for a clean view and remove false images of life and ourselves.
- Connects us with an angelic communication and support of Arch Angel Michael.
I worked with these energies on my Adventure to France in 2015. Put together they have helped me Show-up to and in life in a natural and exciting way.
This 44 page eBook includes information, tools, exercises, five meditations and igniting transforming energy with every word.

The guided meditations follow in Mp3 format for you to download.

Please let me know if you have any question before or after starting this investment to life. You can reach me at

Love and Light,


P.s. if you would like to get a personal ignition, designed for your energy where we connect to the energy from this area, check out my package called "Igniting energies from around the world".

All material (c) Maria Rinné Energy.

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