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Single activation

Life Force Awakening

Welcome to the awakening of your Life Force energy!
Let's take this journey together to dive deeper into your own being, the one you are here to be.
During our remote session, I will transmit this potent Life Force energy that I work with directly to you. 
Following the session, you will receive a recorded Mp3 file with insights that have emerged. However the main energy transmitted starts direct and is not recorded in words. All you have to do while it goes in is to stay still and not do anything that needs your full focus.

The beauty of awakening or/and deepening your connection to this energy within you is how you start to come back to your pure self, the one you are here to be.

To further support this energy, I will also perform a Chakra scan as well as  check your female/male energy balance. This will also be recorded and send to you. 

Then I'll round it off by drawing three tarot or oracle cards to illuminate your current state, advice, and potential outcomes for further enlightenment.

You can choose the communication to be in Swedish or English.

The investment for this Life Force Awakening is 93€

Let's begin to awaken your Life Force today and guide you towards a more joyful and authentic way of life.

Pure Heart Ignition  60 + 30 minutes

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and pure joy! Experience a heart-to-heart connection in our Pure Heart Ignition session. In the first 60-minute session, I tune into your heart's desires, transmitting activating and clearing energy remotely. Post-session, you receive a recorded Mp3 file and insights from tarot cards for further enlightenment. 

In the subsequent 30-minute session, we delve deeper into your heart's ignition, discussing your experience and answering your questions. This online meeting, scheduled within two weeks of the first session, helps anchor the energy and provides you with the tools to continue your journey. 

Your heart guides us in these sessions, revealing what you need at this moment. If there's something specific you want me to focus on, feel free to share it beforehand. Choose your language, Swedish or English. 

Invest in your joy, invest in yourself!

Take the first step towards a more joyful life today. The investment for this transformative journey is 120€.

Let's ignite your pure purpose and activate your life force together!

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