There was a change in this adventure compared to my previous Energy Adventures. They have been about opening up, cleansing and removing old energy within ourselves and Mother Earth. In order for us to get to this Heart Energy that is now here, flowing and reachable.

This adventure however was about starting to use the tools we’ve now are given within this Heart Energy. Understanding how to move with and get in contact with its wisdom and possibilities.


It's an energy for those of you who hare open to take the next step. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or long time light worker. What matters is that you feel this is something you want to connect to from deep within. That’s where the wisdom is, even if your mind doesn’t understand how or if you are ready. Trust your body! 


This energy comes from a platform of joy, beauty and love. You’ll may see it as an awakening of psychic abilities or spiritual epiphanies, an awakening into deeper recognition and understanding of our true spiritual passion and sacred life purpose – and all that is entailed in manifesting it in loving co-creation with the Universe.

Allowing is a key to this wisdom and creation lies in the balance of all.

Our body speaks a language of Joy that is easy to detect and understand even if we may not yet fully trust it. Beauty opens up and balance our mind so we may reach and feel the joy. Beauty within the world and our surrounding as well as the beauty within ourselves.

It’s time to shine and accept the light we are without judgement and fear for us to create in and with the flow.

When speaking of Joy, it’s the feeling that comes from deep within that we are looking for. The one we had when we were children, without layers added to it. It was just there for whatever reason. Without judgement, history or expectations. It’s that pure feeling that is a major ingredient in creation within the Heart Energy.

Light is information and Love is Creation. Within Love lays the essence of Joy and Beauty and depending on where we are on our own journey we will receive what’s in our highest path on this transformational journey.

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fairyglen Wales
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