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2004 my conscious inner journey started when I got curious about meditation and was immediately hooked.

I started an eight-year Master Class with Luminosa Institute where the meditation is built on dynamic transformational energies.

The Master Class was based in Sweden and took some of us around the world to very exciting places, energy and transformation.


After graduating from the Master Class, I've continued travelling around the world to places that is calling me or more precise calling on my energy. I’ve found myself to be an energetic key that activate and ignite people and places. 

I call it Pure Heart Ignition!

When you unlock our heart to your limitless wisdom and light it is a strong feeling of coming home. Magical things start to happen, and life flows out of passion, joy, gratitude and growth.


This energy has helped me trust myself, my heart and my intuition. I've experienced the power and magic of our own light and the perks of clarity that comes from taking time to connect and listen to yourself.

I trust in a peaceful joy that comes from within, and  function as a compass of life.


Warm welcome to follow me on journeys, ignitions, meditations, storytelling, pod, social media, life and more.

If you like me to help unlock your beautiful Pure heart, then please go to "My Services".

Keeping it light for deeper possibilities!

Love always,


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Working with energy and our own inner wisdom I sometimes find confusing, other times hard and most of the time times fun, light, and exciting.

For me it's not about religion, knowing a specific teaching or doing strict rituals - It’s a way of life - where our inner light co-exists with our "daily"-self in a brilliant combination.

I've learned that the more I listen to my limitless heart the easier it is to create and follow a clear beautiful, joyful and peaceful new flow of life.

Now, I'm passing this on. 

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I am a Patreon creator and if you like to support and join my continued energy work, whilst going deeper with your own, you can become a monthly Patreon.

Please click on the logo above to read more about what's on offer there. 

I started my own company in 2004 and know what it is to go through emotions and cycles of highs and lows when you embark on a new way of life. 


Since then, my life and business has turned and twisted in different directions and when new doors opened, I’ve walked through. It has led me to shift my focus and I’ve ended up in some unexpected yet amazing situations. 


I’ve slowly discovered where my energy and heart is leading me and what I can pass on.


The world of energy is not only beautiful and amazing but also highly helpful in so many areas.

When you take time to connect, open and listen to that infinite wise voice that we all carry, life starts to flow in a new joyful way. Your self confidence and trust grows and you can access a peaceful joy that spills over to your day and work and the list goes on.

It’s not without challenges, but with your inner wise light guiding you through it’s easier to move through them and the direction is not a blind alley.

My goal is for you to find your own channel and help you clear the path to your own wisdom, so that you can hear, act and feel confident and light no matter what  circumstance or pressure you are in. It's not my wisdom but yours that we are looking to ignite and hear.

Contact me for questions or work

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