My belief is that when we are exposed to art, we connect to ourselves on a deep level, our soul level if you like.  When we are connected to our soul, we become alive, oppose to just living.

I’ve worked in the music industry for about a decade. It started with music-event coordination, tour management, band- and artist manager, PR and in the end, I had a small record label.

Working on this side of creativity I noticed how difficult this line of work can be through that beautiful passion that lays behind committed artists.


My coach service is not about managing your talent. I’m of service to help you enjoy what you do, find time to do more of it, so that there will be more art in our world, raising the vibration further.

I work with your energy, to clear the path to your own wisdom, for you to hear it no matter what  circumstance or time pressure you are in.

When you know what you want, your choices becomes easier and grounded and you can stop running in the for you wrong direction. This gives time to do what you like most, instead of back-paddling or feeling stressed or burned out.

2004 my conscious inner journey started when I got curious about meditation. I was immediately hooked.

I started an eight-year Master Class with Luminosa Institute where the meditation is built on dynamic transformational energies.

The Master Class was based in Sweden and took some of us around the world to very exciting places, energy and transformation.


After graduating from the Master Class, I've continued travelling around the world to places that is calling me or more precise calling on my energy. I’ve found myself to be an energetic key that activate and ignite people and places. 

I call it Pure Heart Ignition!

When we unlock our heart to our limitless wisdom and light it is a strong feeling of coming home. Magical things start to happen, and life flows out of passion and joy.


This energy has helped me stay grounded and grateful. I've learned to trust myself, my heart and my intuition. I've experienced the power and strength of our own light and the perks of clarity that comes from taking time to connect and listen to ourselves.


Warm welcome to follow me on journeys, ignitions, meditations, storytelling, social media, recommendations, life and more.

If you like me to help unlock your beautiful heart's voice, then please go to "My Services".

Keeping it light for deep possibilities!

Love always,


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If you like to support and join my continued energy work, whilst going deeper with your own, you can become a monthly Patreon. Please click on the logo above to read more about what's on offer there. 

Working with energy I sometimes find confusing, other times hard and most of the time times fun, light, and exciting.

For me it's not about religion, knowing a specific teaching or doing strict rituals - It’s a way of life - where our inner light co-exists with our "daily"-self in a brilliant combination.

I've learned that the more I listen to my limitless heart the easier it is to create and follow a clear flow of life. I love to pass this on. 

This is what I've learned I Love to do:

- bring out your strength and light, to stand tall and balanced with your life.

-make you feel peaceful and calm.

-activate your lust for life.

-see you connect to your expanding and guiding heart. 

-see you feel and be clear with your choices in life. 

-be responsible for the way you feel, think and manifest.

-put a smile on your face and courage in your mind.

I love to see you shine and be You!

Do you know what you Love to do?