2004 my inner journey started when I was drawn to try meditation. I was immediately hooked even if I didn't really understand what happened. I was also a bit confused since meditation wasn't anything my work or friends where into at the time and definitely not me.


I just knew this was something I had to pursue!


After going sporadically for about a year I started an eight-year Master Class with Luminosa Institute where the meditation is built on dynamic transformational energies.

The Master Class was based in Sweden and took some of us around the world to very exciting places and magic connections.


After graduating from the Master Class I've continued travelling around the world to places that is calling me or more precise calling on my energy. I’ve discovered that I’m an energetic key that unlocks doors to Mother Earth as well as the people I work with. 

I call it Ignition!

When opening gates and igniting our heart to our own limitless wisdom and beautiful light, magical things starts to happen and life flows out of passion and joy.


This energy helped me move through some rough times a few years back. It kept me grounded and grateful. I learned to trust myself, my heart and my guides. I experienced the power and strenght of our own light and how amazing this new way of life can be.


Now its time to pass it on, open doors and ignite hearts to anyone up for it. Warm welcome to  follow me on journeys, ignitions, meditations, storytellings, social media, recommendations, life and more.

I'm based in Sweden, with the world as my "office".

No pre-knowledge or experience needed to join.


Keeping it light for deep possibilities!

Love allways,


Working with energy I sometimes find confusing, other times hard and most of the time times fun, light and exciting.

For me it's not about religion, knowing a specific teaching or doing strict rituals - It’s a way of life - where my inner light co-exists with my "daily"-self in a brilliant combination.

The more I listen to my limitless heart the easier I can create and follow a divine flow of life.

To get there we need to silence our busy minds and listen to our hearts.

Pure Heart Love Maria Rinné


My mission is to IGNITE YOUR HEART!

My vision is for  A NEW WAY OF LIFE.     A life where creations are born through trust and connection to the Universal flow and our Heart, that is aligned to the vibration of joy, love and beauty. Or as I like to call it - PURE LIFE PASSION!

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