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How to navigate a more joyful new way of life straight from the heart

Going through the awakening process and seeing the benefits, challenges along the way, I hope to inspire and help you start or deepen your way to your inner journey finding peace, joy and balance in life. To be present, grateful and trust your own inner guidance.

When the pace of time is speeding up and there is an endless buzz of distractions and choices, I feel it is important as well as helpful to use what's needed in the modern world and balance it by staying connected to nature and most importantly yourself. To let your heart and mind cooperate whilst taking time to listen deep within. 

This book is a seven step guide to increase your inner raw communication, the one that goes beyond your beliefs and ego. To feel that pure, joyful and peaceful trust of life and yourself. I'm sharing parts of my journey, what I learned and what has helped me move through, together with meditations, tools, channeled wisdom and energy transmission for you to join me in a more joyful way of life straight from your heart.

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I have always found writing to be an extended channel of my voice.

When I write I get in contact with something beyond my daily thoughts.

This book has been brewing for a long time during my energy adventures around the world and become more  a calling than a conscious decision. Now I'm so happy to share my work not only through energy but also words. 

Planned release date 2024.

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