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Pure, Raw and Happy - A  more joyful new way of life straight from your heart.

My mission is to Ignite and Activate your life force for you to move through life hand in hand with your pure purpose.

When you are aligned with your purpose, life expands and moves beyond your egos limitations and starts to make sense from the inside and out.

A new more joyful way of life is presented, anchored in peace, love and Your beautiful piece of the universal puzzle.

You start to shift feelings of indifference, apprehension, and self-doubt, into action, and joy as well as a deeper appreciation to life and yourself, whilst trusting your intuition and wisdom with confidence. 

Maria Rinné Energy Coach

Activate & Ignite
Your Heart

Welcome to my base program. This is for you who are at the beginning of your inner journey or  started it and want to speed up your hearts communication.

During 16 weeks we will have weekly contact where I will be by your side to help Activate and Ignite your inner wisdom, your hearts communication for a more joyful new way. 

The program includes one-on-one zoom meetings, reflections, meditations, healing and activating energy as well as tools and support.

Single Activation

When you are looking for a quicker pick-me up or healing energy session by the hour. Here you'll find  Pure Heart - Activation, Channeling and Ignition.

Please follow the link below to book a session and read more about what's on offer.

Maria Rinné Energy.jpg
Maria Rinné Energy Coach

Explore & Enjoy

Welcome to continue your journey with me. In this 12 week program, we deepen, explore and expand your inner connection further to feel comfortable expressing your pure passion in and to life, 


This program is for those of you who have already done some inner work with me or been on your spiritual path for some time.

Activate & Ignite your Pure Purpose

This is a new and exclusive one year individual activation and ignition to dive deep into your pure purpose.

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