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Warm Welcome join my live online igniting meditations. 

You can stream most of them through the wellness app Insight Timer. If you like to check out my teachers page and join events,  please follow this link

No experience is required. All you have to do is show up with a good internet connection, relax and listen to the channeled igniting  journey.

The energy finds you where you are right now in life, whether you are a beginner or advanced. You can read more about what it is I call

Pure Heart Ignition here.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Love and Light


Live online group energy meditations and events -
spring 2024

Moon Energy Meditations


  • 8 of April- Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse - 8PM

  • 23 of May - Sagittarius Full Moon - 3.30PM


  • 6 of June - Gemini New Moon - 2.30PM

Pure Heart Ignitions

  • 17 of April  - 8 PM - Connecting to your Higher Self

  • 15 of May - 8 PM - Going Beyond

  • 13 of June - 8 PM - Inner Peace

You'll see the energetic theme we are going to be tuning in to and working with after each date.  

Let's talk

  • 14 of April - 2 PM - A Joyful Way Of Life In The Midst of Spiritual Transformation.

  • 28 of April - 2 PM - How To Welcome A Joyful Way Of Life Also When Mistakes Are Made.

  • 11 of May - 2 PM -Letting Go Of Unhealthy Control For A More Joyful Way Of Life.

  • 25 of May - 2 PM - Connecting To Your Pure Purpose For A More Joyful Way Of Life.

This spring I'm going to host a few short live talks touching on current energies, healing experiences  and lessons. 

It will be tools, inspiration, energy and energy activation. 

All events are free and will be streamed at the wellness app "Insight Timer" (click on the button below to take you there). 

Beginner to advanced are welcome, the energy will meet you where you are right now on your journey.

Make sure you have a quite place to listen, pen and paper to journal after and a good internet connection. 

The time above is Swedish (CET), to see when that is for you, click here.

I'm looking forward to meet you and your energy!


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7 day feelgood challenge

Welcome to join my online free FEELGOOD challenge. For you to shift your vibe and get tools to keep it going. 

We all have days, week, months or periods when our mood is low. Creativity, joy and energy is out the door and life seem to just move along dragging you with it.

This is a 7 days Feelgood challenge to help shift that funky vibe and raise your spirit and fall in love with life again.

7 day FEELGOOD Challenge .png
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